In Oshimi Shuzo’s manga “Drift Internet Cafe”, the protagonist ran into his first love in junior high in an Internet cafe that he frequents. It rains heavily outside and they have to spend the night together in the Internet cafe. At dawn, the rains stops and they step out of the Internet cafe. In front of them is an alienated world.
“Speed Show: Drift Internet Cafe”will commence at a certain midnight in August. In an Internet cafe, a group of people will perform on the computers all night. Everything on the screen will be recorded and replayed at the dawn.

共同策劃:Anna Viktoria Eschbach,Antonie Angerer

Curator/Director: Sun Xiaoxing
Academic Advisor: Zhang Xian
Co-curators: Anna Viktoria Eschbach, Antonie Angerer

2016 第二届北京独立艺术空间「试水」 第七屆北京南鑼鼓巷戲劇節「是過去,也是未來」單元 好風景網吧 北京
2016 2016三星堆戲劇節 潮乐网咖 德陽
2017 數字採樣者或處於網路疊加態中的新世代(策展人:馬永峰) GCA星匯當代美術館 重慶
2019 低脂藝術節Vol.3 KC網咖 曼谷
2022 「新青年」第四屆學院實驗藝術文獻展 陶溪川球磨美術館 景德鎮

Previous performances:
2016, Be Water: IAS 2016, Haofengjing Internet Barthe, The 7th Beijing Nanluoguxiang Performing Arts Festival “The Future Is in the Past”, Haofengjing Internet Cafe, Beijing.
2016, Sanxingdui Theatre Festival 2016, CHAOLE Internet Cafe, Deyang.
2017, Digital Samplers or A New Generation Deep Dive into Internet Superposition (Curator: Ma Yongfeng), The Galaxy Museum of Contemporary Art, Chongqing.
2019, Low Fat Art Fes Vol.3, KC Internet Cafe, Bangkok.
2022, The 4th Academic Experimental Art Documentary Exhibition “New Youth”, Taoxichuan Ball Milling Art Museum, Jingdezhen.
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